Unknown Side Effects of Allergy Medication

One of the primary reasons patients come to an allergist is due to the side effects from most allergy medications.

Its a little known fact that sleepiness is not the only side effect.

In fact loss of sex drive, increased appetite, altered tast and smell and anxiety are among the most common. Not to mention infertility for women and depression!

Treating your allergies is not just about medicating them but rather obtaining a higher quality of life.

The vast majority of the population that suffers from allergies have learned to take over the counter relief oriented drugs. This behavior is of course directly related to the amount of advertising and marketing from these same pharmacutical companies.

It is never a good idea to take ongoing pain or any symptom base relief drug as the “side effects” can and often do become closer to major effects over time.

Its for this reason that you should only use these sort of drugs to help you “manage” your discomfort until you are able to address your allergies with a professionally trained allergist who can regain control of your bodies reaction to these allergies.


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