Are you always tired? Taking forever to recover from colds and sinus infections?

You could be suffering from Immunodeficiency…

Immunodefiency refers to a lack of the function of the immune system. These disorders can be quite complex. Patients will often notice having infections or colds frequently or not being able to get better from these infections as quickly as other people causing frequent missed work and school days. There is a wide spectrum of disroders that have been identified.

The immune system can be thought of simply as an army. Testing can be performed to determine if there are the correct number of “soldiers” or cells of the immune system. Furthermore, once it is determined that the correct number of cells are present we can perform more sophisticated testing to determine if thoses cells are actually performing the function that they are supposed to do. If an immunodeficiency is identified we can often replenish what the immune system is lacking in a variety of injections. These disorders can also be treated with a variety of unique medications depending on the cause.

Clearai  is offering new solutions. Dr. Eric Kavosh provides rush immunotherapy, the only potential cure for allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, venom allergy, and allergic asthma. The procedure involves giving a person multiple allergy shots over a period of several hours to days to achieve a maintenance dose in a short period of time. After the initial procedure is completed, a person can then come into the office once a week and then less as the allergens will finally be under control. Why Rush Immunotherapy

Unlike medications that treat the symptoms for a few hours, the allergy shot can change the way your body deals with allergies. You won’t find yourself still dealing with itching after taking a pill that only controls the sneezing or watery eyes.

How Rush Immunotherapy WorksHaving multiple allergy shots over a short period of time is the best way to build up resistance to the allergens bothering your system. After the initial maintenance dose, a person will be able to reduce the frequency of the shots until they have control over their allergies. Within in a few weeks, you will feel like yourself again as you finally have relief from the allergies that have been plaguing your system.

Determining the AllergenWhich allergen is attacking your system? In the majority of cases, a person is dealing with a venom allergy. Respiratory allergy problems occur frequently with pollen, dust mites, airborne molds, and other aeroallergens. Skin testing is required to determine what substances you are allergic to in order to create an optimum allergy serum.

Undergoing Skin TestingThe next process will involve skin testing to identify the IgE-mediated allergy. Skin testing will help Dr. Eric Kavosh to detect the right allergen causing problems. He will then create the right allergy serum uses in the rush immunotherapy shots to bring you relief.

Creating an Allergy SerumThe allergy serum will be formed to meet the severity of your sensitivity to a certain allergen. The antigens will be grouped and placed in different treatment vials to maintain dose of each allergen. The high dosage treatment option helps to bring optimum relief to a patient quickly. Individual patients vary in the tolerance to allergens, which is why it is important to come in for several hours of treatments as the body changes and adjusts to the allergen. The dosage is slightly increased with each treatment until the maintenance dose is achieved. The high dosage of rush immunotherapy brings the best results, which is why Dr. Eric Kavosh recommends it if you are suffering. His goal is to raise the dose as quickly as possible without causing additional allergic reactions from you.

Immunotherapy OptionsWhile shots provide the quickest way to bring relief to a patient, not everyone prefers a shot. Some methods are still undergoing studies, and have not been FDA approved and may not be available for all treatment options. Here are the different methods:

  • Nasal immunotherapy – This method will involve spraying the allergens into the nasal mucosa.
  • Oral immunotherapy – This method will involve a patient to orally ingest the allergens.
  • Sublingual immunotherapy – This method is popular in Europe as doctors have found it to be an effective method compared to injection therapy.

Duration of TreatmentThe length of treatment will vary based on the way your body responds. If you start to show improvements by the second dose, it shows that rush immunotherapy is working and you are likely to maintain improvement over your allergies in the future. Once you are able to reach maintenance, you can easily end up with a continued treatment that lasts three years or longer. For more information about rush immunotherapy, schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Kavosh today!