Cold weather has arrived in Texas but with that also brings constant sniffling, nasal congestion, headaches, sleep disruption, red, puffy eyes, itchy throat, and even hives. The frequent cause of these symptoms – Ragweed. Severe ragweed allergy cases can lead to chronic sinus problems and even asthma attacks.

What causes these symptoms? In allergy sufferers, the body’s immune system responds to things in the environment that are actually harmless. Specific cells in the immune system respond to very small particles such as pollen from ragweed flowers. These specialized cells mistakenly see these particles as a threat and generate antibodies to the proteins found in these pollen grains.  The body then reacts by flooding your blood stream with histamine.  This histamine release is the reason we experience these annoying and often miserable allergy symptoms.

Like all allergies, ragweed allergy occurs when the body’s immune system mounts a vigorous response to a foreign substance that is actually harmless — in this case, tiny grains of pollen released by maturing ragweed flowers. “Your immune system reacts to them as if they were a threat,” says Nathanael S. Horne, MD, clinical assistant professor of medicine at New York Medical College in Valhalla and an allergy specialist in private practice in New York City. Specialized immune cells start churning out antibodies to proteins in the pollen. The ensuing cascade of biochemical reactions floods the bloodstream with histamine, a compound that causes all-too-familiar allergy symptoms. In addition to sneezing, sniffling, nasal congestion, and sleep disruption, ragweed allergy can cause red, puffy eyes, itchy throat, and even hives. Severe cases can lead to chronic sinus problems (sinusitis) and even asthma attacks.


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